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You wanna stop playing the game without the Gems and Energy you want, right? Of course you do, nobody considered normal wanna be spending those stupidly big amounts of money to have the oportunity to get some gems, right? A Gem normally used to cost $0.99, this days it cost $1.29, so now when you buy a $20 google play or  itunes giftcard is not even the enough to get 24 miserable Gems? No freakin way pal, we will not be laying more cash with this! Though, we do still wanna be playing the game at is best, right? Yeah, that’s also exactly what we think! So, we have the big honor to finally present you the latest master piece designed by our team: Brave Frontier Hack.

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The Reason Behind The Creation Of The Tool

As you may know, this is one most played games for iOS and Android, and we, and of course you friend, want to play this amazing mobile game without spend a single amount of green. And since our team love this kind of challenges, we surely bet we created the best hack in the web. Please test it and leave us your thoughts.


Buying Gems

Maybe you are one of those cases that money is surely not the problem and for that be playing the game spending it all time is just fine for you like: Ok my friend, if that’s really or case forget about our tool! Instead, if you want a unbelieveble easy away of passing those annoying in-app purchases to get the resources you want with no need to  spend cash/wait, you are more then welcome to test our Brave Frontier Hack APK.

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Still Wondering How to Walkthrough Brave Frontier?

The tool is actually very simple to use, very intuitive! If you follow the steps we provide I’m sure you’ll be adding the number gems you want in minutes! The hack works 100% on browser (you can download it too!) and you’ll accessing gumi inc. servers completely from our proxies! We are always on top of the new update releases, so we guarantee our tool never gets patched.

Is trully really rewarding to know that because of our work pretty much every single person is now able to play this really cool game without spending money!

It’s time for you to test our tool.

The Cheat gives you the opportunity to hack the following resources:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Zel
  • Unlimited Karma
  • Restore Energy
  • Restore Arena Energy
Hack Walkthrough Proof

Hack Walkthrough Proof

No one is completly perfect, right? So in case you discover some kind of imperfection in our hack please ping on us 😛 We hope that will never happen, although in case it does, you can count on our full support – we will respond you in a 24 hour max time frame.

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Wanna Know More About The Game? Here Is Our Review:

power elements

Brave Frontier is a RPG game that tries to bring back the experience of the classics, where the action was divided into shifts and every decision count for the final result of the fighting. The mechanics are a little different and brings new aspects, but the feeling is very similar.

The gameplay is simple enough. Beyond the simplistic action to attack the weakest character, the game features a mechanical elements who take advantage of others, which adds a whole layer of strategic planning in time to assemble your team of combat. A simple character with the wrong element at the wrong time can cause it to take the worst.

The game’s graphics follow a manga style pulled over to the cartoon. The animations are not very rich, much of the game comes down to still images. The characters have little motion sets that may even seem somewhat repetitive in the early stages of the game.

However, the game does not sin in the item variety. Although the pre-sets are the same, there is a multitude of combinations that can be generated by mergers and different kinds of monsters that change not only in color, but in forms and skills. Which, despite being a kind of reuse of material, ultimately generates many, many valid options for the player.

There is some level of difficulty in the game, which can easily catch the unsuspecting user, if it is not a well-defined strategy. However, overall, it’s easy to have the balcony of the game and, since the mechanics is very clear in the mind of the player, the battles become too easy.

Brave Frontier is a game with a very high production quality and captivates the player the feeling of nostalgia of classic RPG’s of another generation. Problems exist, but you can handle them easily to enjoy a good and robust application.

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